Elegance, softness and femininity… these are the qualities we aim to express through our new logo. It was important to us to reinforce the image of women, whilst preserving the Clinique Suisse identity.

The letter ‘C’, which also represents a pair of hands protecting the item they enclose, has adopted a finer form, while the inner pictogram has evolved, leaving your imagination free to choose its own interpretation: a Möbius strip, the symbol of infinity, a DNA sequence, or perhaps even the curves of a mother-to-be. The letter ‘S’ (for ‘Suisse’) may also appear visible. The soft slate blue is complemented by a touch of fuchsia, known for its therapeutic properties.

For Clinique Suisse, a woman’s beauty begins with an inner balance; we are here to listen to you, and we hold your well-being as our utmost priority.