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A passion for human beings and for being human

Empathy and expertise: our staff’s key characteristics

From our administrative assistants to our surgeons, employee recruitment at Clinique Suisse is centred as much around professional skills as human qualities. In our opinion, these two aspects are intrinsic for the creation of an atmosphere conducive to well-being.

What’s more, all of the members of our multidisciplinary team have something else in common: their passion for their profession. We believe that passion is a primordial element for ensuring differentiated care.

This passion is contagious, and is shown in our excellence at all levels: a warm welcome, honest smiles, careful attention, personalised solutions, quality care, etc.

So whatever the reason for your visit, you are sure to be met with as much empathy as expertise.

General Management

  • Dr Igor Martinek: CEO, Founder and Medical Director
  • Carole Martinek: Deputy Director & Co-founder

Medical staff & reception

  • Vanessa Nicolau: Senior medical assistant
  • Bahareh Fares: Medical assistant
  • Gentiana Berisha: Training medical assistant

Operating theatre & day hospital

  • Véronique Dalex: Head of operating theatres & scrub nurse
  • Edmond Kiener: Anaesthetic male nurse
  • Isabelle Faudot: Theatre auxiliary nurse
  • Mélissa Resin: Theatre auxiliary nurse
  • Malika Sendid : Trainee

Approved surgeons

  • Drs Bays
  • Drs Bernard
  • Drs Carillon
  • Drs Chassot
  • Dr Croquelois
  • Dr Delpretti
  • Dr Graff
  • Dr Herminjart
  • Dr Nguyen

Anesthetist doctor

  • Dr Jean Blanchard

Medical collaborators

  • Françoise Damnon : obstetric Echography ( nurse and midwife)


  • Marie-Hélène Marzio : Accounting department
  • Laura Mutter: Invoicing
  • Emmanuelle Fornay : Management assistant
  • Isabelle Derivaz : Administrative and RH assistant

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