The story of Clinique Suisse

We are extremely proud to be the first clinic in Switzerland to be entirely dedicated to women’s health. We offer solutions that are tailor made to suit you for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

The word of the director and founder of Clinique Suisse:

The story of Clinique Suisse goes back to the mid 2000s when I opened my gynaecological practices on the Riviera and in London. On a constant quest for knowledge, innovation and excellence, it was careful attentiveness to what the patient was saying that played the central role in each consultation. This attitude is without a doubt the fundamental basis for orienting the patient and providing the most accurate diagnosis; it comes above any technology! I realised that a holistic approach centred around a patient’s real needs was essential for women’s recovery and well-being.

A global approach to gynaecology

The concept of gynaecology was thus freed from focussing uniquely on the treatment of a symptom inherent to the field, and was transformed into one dimension of a global care concept.

Gradually, the practice grew into a unique and innovative environment, which aimed to provide a space in which each person would feel reassured and at ease, regardless of their background. In order to offer the best possible care to my patients, I surrounded myself with eminent specialists who shared my view of medicine. The surgical knowledge I acquired during my years spent at Oxford was a valuable asset, but we cannot be experts in every domain; feedback from patients, clients and fellow medical practitioners is an invaluable tool for progression.

Pioneers in the field

The synergy of complementary skills combined with curiosity, perfectionism and an almost obsessional concern for the well-being of patients enabled the development of new approaches and less invasive techniques: we thus progressively grew to become pioneers in the field of minimally invasive outpatient surgery at our level.

At the source of my entrepreneurial spirit, just a few years earlier, I had had the pleasure of developing a minimally invasive surgical instrument for the early detection of uterine cancer, an invention which was granted a prize from EPFL as well as considerable financial support from the Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI) under the auspices of the Swiss Confederation.

Complete health and well-being

Feeling restricted in the medical practice, and keen to create a centre for medical and surgical care which would offer a range of services for the promotion of women’s health and well-being, Clinique Suisse was created in Montreux in 2016.

I wished to be able to invest in state of the art equipment at my level, as much for use in the operating theatres as for the consultation rooms and for the ultrasound unit.

Clinique Suisse aims to continue growing in collaboration with its local healthcare partners and with the public health sector, whilst continuing to offer its first-rate services. Because your well-being is our reason to be.

Dr. Igor E. Martinek, MD
Fondateur, CEO & Directeur médical

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