Is my surgical intervention covered by my obligatory health insurance?

With the exception of cosmetic surgery, the surgical interventions offered at Clinique Suisse are covered by obligatory health insurance.


Is a gynaecological consultation covered by my obligatory health insurance?

Yes. All of our gynaecological consultations, whether scheduled with an appointment or during our gynaecological emergency service, are covered by your basic health insurance.


Is a cosmetic consultation covered by my obligatory health insurance?

In principle, aesthetic bodily imperfections do not count as illnesses. Corrective surgery is thus not covered by obligatory health insurers. However, it should be noted that in certain cases, with prior consent from your insurer’s medical advisor, your basic insurance may cover the cost of consultations for cosmetic surgery and interventions. For more information, contact your insurer directly.


In which situations can cosmetic surgery be reimbursed by my basic health insurance?

A breast reduction for the correction of mammary hypertrophy, for example, may be covered if the hypertrophy is the cause of physical or psychological problems which are considered as illnesses, and provided that the aim of the intervention is to eliminate these problems.

Other cases may also be possible. We can provide you with more detailed advice during a consultation, but you must always consult directly with your health insurer for a definitive answer.


I am covered by a foreign health insurance in Switzerland. Will the consultation be invoiced directly to my insurance?

No. The consultation must be paid on the same day, either by cash, or credit or debit card. The invoice will be made out under your name, in accordance with the standard Swiss invoicing system. If necessary, you can seek a reimbursement later in your country.


Can my gynaecologist at Clinique Suisse participate in the delivery of my baby?

If you have basic LAMal health insurance only

If your health insurance covers care in a general ward, your Clinique Suisse gynaecologist cannot participate in the delivery of your baby. Medical care during childbirth will be provided by the medical team at the hospital complex you have selected. The invoice for a “healthy baby” will be included in the maternity insurance benefits.

If you have LCA supplementary insurance

If you have supplementary insurance for a private or semi-private ward, with maternity benefits included, your Clinique Suisse gynaecologist can provide your care in a private clinic. The one year waiting period must have reached its end for you to gain access to this benefit.

If you have international insurance

If you are insured by an international insurer, consult your general conditions and ensure that your baby is covered from the first day of her birth.


Are contraceptives (NuvaRing ®, pill, IUD, etc.) covered by basic health insurance?

No. No form of contraceptive is covered by LAMal.


Will my invoices be sent directly to my health insurer?

Yes, but only for the insurers who have signed an agreement with Clinique Suisse. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out whether your insurer has signed such an agreement.


Do you practice the assignment of receivables?

Yes, depending on the amount of your excess.

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