Clinique Suisse says it is equipped with state of the art equipment, but what does this really mean in terms of surgery?

Clinique Suisse says it is equipped with state of the art equipment, but what does this really mean in terms of surgery?

At Clinique Suisse, we do indeed use the latest equipment in the operating theatre and in the consultation rooms. This equipment, which notably allows us to transmit images to a HD screen, enables a greater degree of precision and efficiency during surgery.

As our surgeons are also trained in the most advanced operation techniques, the interventions offered are all minimally invasive. For patients, this means less discomfort, speedier recovery and less visible scarring.


Why do you only offer outpatient surgery options?

At present, we are not recognised as an institute for inpatient care, as certain hospitals are, for example. In the near future, we are planning to begin offering more complex interventions which will require hospitalisation in partnership with another healthcare provider.


What happens if there is a complication during the intervention?

Care is guaranteed by the anaesthetist and a surgeon. In the case of serious complications, the patient will be transferred to the nearest hospital. It should however be highlighted that the selection of patients at Clinique Suisse is based on indications determined during your appointment with the anaesthetist, in view of preventing anaesthesia-related accidents as far as possible. We are unable to accept patients who present too great a risk, for obvious reasons.


If I am operated on at Clinique Suisse, is there an increase in risk compared to at a hospital?

No. Firstly, because at Clinique Suisse we do not operate if we feel there is a risk. Secondly, because the protocols that we follow on every level are of the highest possible standard, as in the best hospitals and top of the range private clinics.


Do you have an emergency service, like in a hospital, in case a real problem arises?

No, we do not have an emergency service. If the problem cannot be dealt with onsite, we will arrange an immediate transfer to the nearest hospital.


You don’t have an emergency service. If I have a heart attack, how will you transport me to the nearest hospital?

You will receive immediate care from our onsite anaesthetist and will be urgently transported to the nearest hospital by the emergency medical services (SMUR – Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service).


Can a friend or family member be present during my operation?

No. Only our medical staff may enter the operating theatre.

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