What is the difference between Clinique Suisse and other private clinics?

Clinique Suisse is a centre specialised in feminine healthcare and aimed uniquely at female patients. For the moment, Clinique Suisse offers only outpatient interventions – interventions which do not require hospitalisation


Is Clinique Suisse approved by the authorities?

Absolutely. The clinic is certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in the same way as certain hospitals.


Why is your gynaecological emergency service only open at certain times?

For the moment, it is not possible for us to open 7/7 for logistical reasons. However, our opening hours will increase according to demand.


Why are there other companies in the same building as Clinic Suisse which have nothing to do with healthcare?

Clinique Suisse does not own the building. The landlord is free to rent other parts of the premises to other businesses. In fact, these other businesses have been renting there for years.


Do you have available parking?

We do not have private parking spaces. However, the Forum carpark in the basement of our building offers over 600 spaces. The lift will take you directly up to the clinic.

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