Gynaecological consultations – 14 to 18 years old

  • Detailed medical history of the patient, with or without the parents, using a holistic approach (adolescent medicine), evaluating potential risk factors and family history. Possible collaboration with the paediatrician.
  • For virgin patients, a full gynaecological check-up is not generally necessary. Evaluation of pubertal development (Tanner Stages). For other cases: screening for cellular changes to the cervix, colposcopy, detection of vaginal infections or sexually transmitted disease.
  • Family planning.
  • Breast examination.
  • Internal or external pelvic ultrasound (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, rectovaginal septum). Detection of cysts, polyps and endometriosis. Dilated fallopian tubes (hydrosalpinx). Detection of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • If the situation so requires, a blood sample will be prescribed for the detection of hormonal disorders, anaemia, metabolic disorders or vitamin deficiencies.
  • Medical report, recommendations and prescription for treatment where necessary.

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