Maximum safety during a high-risk pregnancy

Careful supervision for you and your baby

Our foetal-maternal ultrasound centre gives you and your baby the opportunity to benefit from optimal supervision throughout a high-risk pregnancy. It can also detect possible abnormalities and anomalies.

Our department for foetal-maternal medicine works in close collaboration with the reference centre. We are thus able to ensure the continuity of your supervision and to offer you (as well as your baby) a maximum in safety, notably in the case of increased risk (pre-eclampsia, diabetes, delayed growth, threat of premature delivery).

We carry out the following monitoring examinations:

  • Growth ultrasound
  • Evaluation of the quantity of amniotic fluid
  • Description of the placenta position
  • Screening of the cervical length
  • Etc.

Psychological support

After receiving difficult news during a high-risk pregnancy, psychological support can sometimes prove valuable. If needed, we can help you turn to competent professionals who will be able to provide you with the best support possible.

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