Postpartum care following childbirth

Supporting you and your baby’s well-being

The delivery itself takes place in an external structure (clinic or hospital). However, you can receive a range of postpartum care at Clinique Suisse, so that you can begin this new stage of your life with complete peace of mind, improving your well-being and that of your baby.

We offer the following services:

  • Maternal check-up
  • Check-up for breasts and breastfeeding
  • Discussion regarding contraception
  • Supervision of urinary incontinence and risk of prolapse.
  • Specialised physiotherapy and toning of pelvic floor muscles
  • Discussion regarding loss of libido and sex life
  • Discussion regarding intimate comfort (vaginal loosening, correction and care for scars or tears in intimate areas following childbirth)

After a high-risk pregnancy, we identify all of the medical problems which arose throughout and we take the time to discuss them. If necessary, we will help you turn to a suitable specialist.

We will also answer all of the questions you may have following childbirth.

These questions may concern:

Low morale: passing through a period of low morale after childbirth, caused by the abrupt change in hormones, is a normal process. Our role is to ensure that this period does not last for too long, and to identify cases in which it may prove problematic, helping you to turn to a specialist.

Your bodily appearance: giving birth can lead to changes in your body, and you may wish to reshape certain parts. Our global care systems enable us to evaluate your needs so that our cosmetic surgeon can offer the best solution. If we cannot offer a suitable option onsite, we will take the time to find and recommend another specialist to you.

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