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Hymenorrhaphy, for the reconstruction of the hymen

The intervention leaves no visible sign

The hymen may be broken through sexual activity, sporting activities or using tampons. Thanks to a hymenorrhaphy, a form of reconstructive intimate surgery, your hymen can be completely restored.

Procedure description:

  • The micro-surgical operation takes place under local anaesthetic and lasts for around one hour.
  • You will not generally feel a great deal of post-operative pain.
  • After full recovery, the reconstructed hymen shows no visible sign of an intervention and will be no different from a normal hymen.
  • There may be relatively heavy bleeding at the time of first penetration, as with a normal hymen.
  • Certain cultures require that a woman’s virginity be intact at the time of marriage. In this case, the intervention must take place 6 weeks before the matrimonial union.
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