Breast disease: screening and interventions

Prevention of mammary pathologies

A breast examination is an essential part of all gynaecological consultations. It makes it possible to detect numerous problems before their symptoms start to show.

Cysts in the breast, lipomas, hyperplasia, fibrocystic dysplasia… breast disease is common and can occur all throughout a woman’s life. Theses illnesses, most of which are not cancerous, may develop in relation to factors such as your age or hormonal activity, amongst others.

The majority of them are identifiable with a simple medical examination with palpation.

If necessary, or in case of uncertainty, further examinations (mammogram, breast ultrasound, MRI of the breasts) are prescribed and analysed by our expert radiologists.

We remove benign and malignant breast lesions.

For early-stage breast tumours, we practice the minimally invasive and conservative sentinel lymph node biopsy technique.

For more advanced stages, a mastectomy may prove necessary, with the possibility of later reconstruction.

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