Hormonal imbalance therapy – 14 to 18 years old

  • A hormonal imbalance may be present in cases of primary amenorrhea (the young woman has never experienced menstrual bleeding) or secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation for a period of over 3 months), menstrual cycle irregularity, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia) or weight disorders. Acne may prove the cutaneous result of a hormonal imbalance, notably in the case of polycystic ovaries.
  • After reviewing all elements of the gynaecological consultation, the blood test and the pelvic ultrasound, and depending on the origin of the imbalance, we will begin rebalancing, restoring or triggering the cycle through a personalised hormonal treatment.
  • If a relationship is established between a metabolic disorder or a hormonal imbalance, we recommend life-style changes and a nutrition consultation, particularly in the case of anorexia, bulimia, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

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