Treatment for difficulty reaching orgasm, libido and vaginismus

For more fulfilling sexual relationships

Loss of libido, absence of pleasure, difficulty reaching orgasm, involuntary pelvic floor muscle contractions: sexual troubles are not necessary the result of psychological issues. In many cases, the origin can be found in a physical dysfunction.

Female sexuality is much more complex than its male counterpart, and it relies on a number of aspects which are intimately linked: communication, fantasy, tenderness, emotional intimacy, self-confidence and commitment, to mention just a few.

However, considering sexuality from a solely psychological point of view, without investigating the physical aspects, is far too simplistic.

Through detailed examinations, our specialists will identify the functional origin of your complaint and will offer you a suitable treatment (localised botulinic toxin therapy, hormone rebalance, dietary supplements, specialised psychological coaching, etc.). When necessary, a minimally invasive intervention may be suggested.

This gives you every chance of achieving fulfilment in your sexual relations.

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