Gynaecological surgery and surgical senology

Surgical interventions at Clinique Suisse are carried out using minimally invasive techniques. This way, the majority of interventions can be conducted as outpatient services, discomfort is reduced, scarring is less visible, and recovery times are shorter.

The operations take place in one of our operating theatres. They are completed using mini-incisions with the help of high definition images transmitted onto a screen. This state of the art equipment provides us with a greater visibility whilst allowing for smaller incisions.

The interventions we offer:

  • Laparoscopy or coelioscopy: a technique which enables the viewing of the abdominal cavity via the abdominal wall in order to carry out:
    • The treatment of pelvic cysts
    • The treatment of endometriosis
    • Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)
    • An assessment of pelvic pains
    • A fertility assessment
  • Hysteroscopy: a technique which enables the viewing of the uterine cavity via the cervix in order to carry out:
    • The treatment of uterine polyps and excessive bleeding
    • A fertility assessment
    • Septal Resections
    • Endometrial resection in the case of very heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Breast surgery
  • Removal of benign or malignant lesions. For early stage breast tumours, we opt for the minimally invasive and conservative sentinel lymph node technique. For more advanced stages, a mastectomy may prove necessary, with the possibility of later reconstruction.
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