Specialised care for anal disorders

Minimally invasive surgery or care for disorders of the anal region

The anal region can be a source of numerous ailments leading to discomfort, pain, bleeding or embarrassment. In any such case, it is important to schedule a consultation in order to find the appropriate care option for you, whether medical treatment or minimally invasive surgery.

Anal conditions can arrive suddenly or can develop after giving birth. Sometimes they may develop at the same time as pelvic organ descent or prolapse.

You should remain particularly attentive if you experience:

  • Anal bleeding
  • Painful spasms
  • Irregular leakage
  • Swelling
  • Itching

The main conditions include:

  • Anal skin tags: cutaneous growths around the anus. Although they do not usually cause pain, they can cause hygiene problems or embarrassment due to their physical appearance. A simple treatment by excision is suggested.
  • Haemorrhoids: internal or external, these are essentially abnormally dilated veins, much like varicose veins. They are found at the rectum or the anus and provoke sudden pains and bleeding. Treatment depends on size and number.
  • Anal fissures: these injuries around the anus often follow a period of constipation or frequent bowel movements, which cause the mucous lining to become more fragile and provoke sharp, stabbing pains or bleeding. Treatment depends on the extent of the anal fissure. They can be successfully treated with a minimally invasive intra sphincteric Botox injection.
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